Who I am and Why I am here?

Oh well!

It isn’t an easy question to answer.

  • According to Mom, I am an innocent fly who got caught in the web of deceit woven by wifey.
  • According to wifey, I am an impractical joker who plays practical jokes that don’t make her laugh.

Both Mom and Dad accept that I am their son, but they too don’t have an answer for the latter part of the question. I just happened to them.

Oh, that wasn’t what the assignment was about, was it?

The assignment is about the blogging fundamentals course, that I just enrolled for.

I am Anand, frequently mistaken for Anandhotep – and I am here because I’ve just started a new blog, and I am having a hard time working out its aesthetics.

Parodist, Satirist, Programmer, Artist – someone who likes to take a backseat and watch…that’s who I am.

I watch, exaggerate, twist stuff out-of-shape while keeping it recognizable, add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper, and create an oddly different yet eerily  identifiable version of reality. I call it Salt & Pepper Writing and Art.

I started my first blog on the insistence of friends and family, who think that they shouldn’t be the only ones bearing the brunt of my relentless salty and peppery pursuits. The blog led to the birth of the QSM Magazine.  I continue to blog and publish the magazine in the hope that one day I’d have flushed all this spice out of my system and wifey and friends will finally have a regular Indian man for a hubby or a friend in his stead.

I like to find humor in situations and people but this isn’t all that I do. I am quite proficient in programming and take up programming assignments with equal fervor. I love Bollywood and Hollywood, I like Cricket, and I am reasonably OK with Indian Politics.

Nothing much to boast of. Muddled through 18 years of education. But as wifey says it, “Yahi sab karna tha to padhai-likhai kyon ki?” which roughly translates to “If you had to spend your life doing just this (presumably programming, writing, and painting,) why did you waste those years studying?”

Above you see a picture of the apparition that invades my body, soul, and home when I am working on the QSM Magazine. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

13 thoughts on “Who I am and Why I am here?

  1. I really like the custom logo you created for your blog! I too created a blog for a class assignment and look forward to seeing where your interests lead you in your blog… I’m sure it will be comical!

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my blog (https://smm2016blog.wordpress.com). I’m always looking for feedback on content and how to improve viewership, so if you have advise, please let me know!

    1. Thank you, Mark. I hope that my blog will have a streak of humor in it – to go with the QSM Magazine. I will be following your blog, because social marketing is one of my many weak-spots, and I must force myself to learn how it is done 😀 Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Sunita. Wifey’s dreaming big time, and she’d appreciate your good wishes. Anandhotep’s has a lavish tomb in the Valley of Kings, and he has been brainwashing her to the hilt.

  2. Hi Anand,

    I’m confused. How do I press “Follow” on this? I don’t see the little button. Or are you self-hosting this, using Word-Press?
    Please enlighten me, O Great Anandhotep!

    1. Thanks for pointing it out, Vijaya. Anandhotep’s bandages often come in way of his seeing straight. Just added a Follow button at the bottom right. Hope it works!

  3. Great move anand 🙂 I am currently reading the issue of the magazine 🙂 Hope QSM lover community keeps growing 😀 Hope to put my feedback on latest issue of QSM 😉

    1. Thank Neerja. Quite out of my depth here. I have no idea how to tell the QSM readers about the change. Hopefully they’ll find it. The feedback on the new issue will be promptly routed to Anandhotep – the bandaged man.

  4. For some reason, I hadn’t noticed this page before, Anand. I really like the look of your new blog. I think the aesthetics of it are great, although that’s not really surprising given your artistic abilities.

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