Between Friends, there’s No Thank you, No Sorry, hain ji?

Wifey says I have no manners. I, an Indian to the last cell of my body, retort and tell her that I shouldn’t have to thank my friends. Between friends, there is No Sorry, No Thank You! Hain ji?

But she insists that if I continued following that philosophy, I’ll soon be rendered friendless. I disagree. Mom has been doing rather well, and she’s a strong believer of the No-Sorry-No-Thank-You philosophy. In all the years I’ve known my mom, I’ve never seen her say Thank You nor Sorry to anyone. (Of course, she expects others to pick up the slack.) And yet, she’s been surviving and flourishing – and nobody has ever said anything bad about her to her.

“So you want to be like her?” she asked me yesterday. The question hit me like a bolt from blue.

“No, never!” I spluttered. I splutter when I am angry and confused – both at the same time (as the readers of the May-June issue of the QSM magazine already know.)

“Then learn to be nice to your friends. When they do something nice for you, thank them.”

So here I am, thanking my blogger friends for following the QSM blog. Thank you for inspiring me.

Barb @ Knotholes and Textures

Shilpa @ Live – 🙂 – Life

Christi @Feeding on Folly

Dr. Sorick @ Meg Sorick Writes

Rashmi @ Mind and Life Matters

As this is where I’d be posting more regularly, I request the followers of my wordpress blog to follow this blog.

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11 thoughts on “Between Friends, there’s No Thank you, No Sorry, hain ji?

    1. Thank you Christi. I’m still learning the ropes of a self-hosted blog – I have no idea how to add a like button to the posts nor how to enable a reblog. All help is welcome!

  1. Haha…what do I say…”Your welcone?” 😀
    By the way, where is your like button? And you might also want to get rid of the mandatory form for Name and Website to be able to comment. Just a suggestion 🙂

    1. Thanks Rashmi. I’ve got to figure those buttons out. WordPress doesn’t treat the self-hosted blogs the same, so a lot of research and work is needed – Where’s that stinky old mummy when you need him?
      Also thanks for pointing out the name/website issue. If removing that form doesn’t result in Spam, I will – or I’ll try to find another way.

  2. Where in the world is the Like button? And the Reblog?
    Oh, and Jadoo is offended you didn’t thank him. I don’t know why. I do know he didn’t follow the blog earlier so he has no reason to be offended. But he is. And because it’s his heart, he can choose to feel whatever he wants to, he says. I tried explaining but he threatened to marry me off to Tropicana. So that shut me up.

    From me, it’s Congratulations! The site looks beautiful.

    1. Where are those buttons?! I must find them…I think I didn’t pack them when I moved. Oh, I remember. I didn’t move. I still have a home on wordpress. Got it! Gotta make new buttons for new blog 😀 Be careful. Jadoo might connecting with Trooplijaaah on the secret interplanetary network that only aliens know about – and yes, don’t accept any drink that he offers, it might be spiked!
      Glad you like the blog and the site. (Psstt…this is just the beginning!)

    2. Ok…so I got around to activating the Like button through JetPack. I couldn’t find a way to put the Reblog button on the posts. Research tells that self-hosted blogs get step motherly treatment and Reblog isn’t available for them.

  3. Hi! I didn’t find the blue button the last time, so I couldn’t hit “follow.” Must have been blinded by your sheer brilliance. This time, I went looking for it determinedly, and lo, there it was, staring me in the face!

    1. Thanks for the Follow, Vijaya. I am still not sure if hosting my own site was the right decision…there’s too much to do and too little time 😀 I’ve got some plans though…

    1. You never know when the tide might turn…I’m told that Dad was the boss before I was born…but since I turned two and became analytical, I’ve always seen Mom bossing him around.

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