Mansplaining Mania Spills Over in an Advertisement on Father’s Day!

I was thinking that the whole mansplaining discussion was buried when wifey walked in brandishing the June 19th TOI. Delhi-dwellers would remember that the front page of the newspaper had been hijacked by a certain deal-snapping company that presented the sign that’s usually placed outside the baby-changing rooms (no, babies aren’t changed in these rooms, their diapers are.) The copy said something that meant Dads could be Moms too and they could change their baby’s diapers too, and then the advert proposed a new sign for the baby-changing rooms which had a red dad standing near the head of the blue baby and its blue Mom.

So you know what I am talking about, right?

If you don’t, click here.

“What?” I asked her, trying to imitate the Puss-in-the-boots look, with my round eyes going rounder still.
“What do you think that man is doing there? It’s clear that the woman is changing the baby’s diapers, but how is he helping?”

I looked at the picture. She was right. The guy stuck out like a sore red thumb in that image. What was he doing standing there near the baby’s head?

“Changing the baby’s bandana?” I suggested.
“He is mansplaining!” she said.

An hour later, this is what I received in my email.

Dads Moms and baby changing room signs - mansplaining

I don’t have an alternate explanation. Do you have one?

I am off to make peace with the lady who owns the mocha-maker.


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    1. Before you assume that I am an idiot, I did get the essence of your thoughtful comment. I just misconnected two threads of thought 😀 Mom is an anti-feminist, wifey is a feminist – and so you see why the twain would never meet.

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