O’ Cockroaches of Shatabdi, Thank you!

We were sitting at the right side of the coach, where there are three seats to a row. We had a window seat, which was grabbed by wifey the moment we boarded, and a middle-seat. I too love the window-seat, but since we got married, that seat has belonged to wifey. My requests for it […]

The Round Trip…

“From Godliness to Worldiness and Back in 15 Minutes!“ Laugh, smile, smirk… because Anandhotep says he’ll be back. I hope he gets entangled in his own bandages and falls into the Indian Ocean. At least the bandages won’t stink anymore! (I’ll soon be telling you about the Cockroaches who were my co-passengers in the Shatabdi […]

Pothole, pothole, thank you for saving me!

A Pothole: A depression or a hole in the surface of a road caused by excessive use. In the life of an Indian, a pothole isn’t just a hole in the road – it is a traditional concept that dreams are woven around. Pothole, Pothole, who ate all the money? Right from childhood, we Indians […]

Mansplaining Mania Spills Over in an Advertisement on Father’s Day!

I was thinking that the whole mansplaining discussion was buried when wifey walked in brandishing the June 19th TOI. Delhi-dwellers would remember that the front page of the newspaper had been hijacked by a certain deal-snapping company that presented the sign that’s usually placed outside the baby-changing rooms (no, babies aren’t changed in these rooms, […]

Mansplaining? Let me tell you what it means.

Yesterday, I learned a new term. Mansplaining! I was merely trying to help wifey with some keyboard shortcuts. I hadn’t seen it coming, I swear on my Cryptography book that stands glorious and upright in my book-rack, never opened, forever beckoning. She was working on a photo-editing application, and in my opinion, her overuse of […]

We Men are a Hygiene Factor!

“Hum saale bas ek hygiene factor hain, inki lives mein! (We fools, we are just a hygiene factor in their lives!)“  Rohan griped, brushing his hand over the balding patch on his head for the umpteenth time, making me wonder if his constant attention to that patch was making it grow faster. Rohan is a […]

Mushrooms, Dog-pee, and that Heavenly Smell.

Some people don’t like mushrooms. Some people don’t like dogs. Some people who don’t like dogs, also don’t like mushrooms. Mrs. Chaddha, our next floor neighbor falls in the last category, and I discovered it this morning. Wifey and I were returning from our usual jaunt to the Mother Dairy, when wifey chanced upon a […]