The Round Trip…

“From Godliness to Worldiness and Back in 15 Minutes!“ Laugh, smile, smirk… because Anandhotep says he’ll be back. I hope he gets entangled in his own bandages and falls into the Indian Ocean. At least the bandages won’t stink anymore! (I’ll soon be telling you about the Cockroaches who were my co-passengers in the Shatabdi […]

Between Friends, there’s No Thank you, No Sorry, hain ji?

Wifey says I have no manners. I, an Indian to the last cell of my body, retort and tell her that I shouldn’t have to thank my friends. Between friends, there is No Sorry, No Thank You! Hain ji? But she insists that if I continued following that philosophy, I’ll soon be rendered friendless. I disagree. Mom […]

Who I am and Why I am here?

Oh well! It isn’t an easy question to answer. According to Mom, I am an innocent fly who got caught in the web of deceit woven by wifey. According to wifey, I am an impractical joker who plays practical jokes that don’t make her laugh. Both Mom and Dad accept that I am their son, […]