O’ Cockroaches of Shatabdi, Thank you!

We were sitting at the right side of the coach, where there are three seats to a row. We had a window seat, which was grabbed by wifey the moment we boarded, and a middle-seat. I too love the window-seat, but since we got married, that seat has belonged to wifey. My requests for it […]

Who I am and Why I am here?

Oh well! It isn’t an easy question to answer. According to Mom, I am an innocent fly who got caught in the web of deceit woven by wifey. According to wifey, I am an impractical joker who plays practical jokes that don’t make her laugh. Both Mom and Dad accept that I am their son, […]

The First Post on the QSM blog should be a QSM post.

This is the First Word of the First Line of the First Post on the QSM Blog! Yes, “this” is! ROFL! If you didn’t get it, perhaps you’ll get this one: “A programmer is the machine that transforms coffee into code!”  No? OK, then this one, and this will solve one of the future mysteries […]