Pothole, pothole, thank you for saving me!

A Pothole: A depression or a hole in the surface of a road caused by excessive use. In the life of an Indian, a pothole isn’t just a hole in the road – it is a traditional concept that dreams are woven around. Pothole, Pothole, who ate all the money? Right from childhood, we Indians […]

Mushrooms, Dog-pee, and that Heavenly Smell.

Some people don’t like mushrooms. Some people don’t like dogs. Some people who don’t like dogs, also don’t like mushrooms. Mrs. Chaddha, our next floor neighbor falls in the last category, and I discovered it this morning. Wifey and I were returning from our usual jaunt to the Mother Dairy, when wifey chanced upon a […]

Between Friends, there’s No Thank you, No Sorry, hain ji?

Wifey says I have no manners. I, an¬†Indian to the last cell of my body, retort and tell her that I shouldn’t have to thank my friends. Between friends, there is No Sorry, No Thank You!¬†Hain ji? But she insists that if I continued following that philosophy, I’ll soon be rendered friendless. I disagree. Mom […]

The QSM Magazine Issue 4 - The Indian Desi humor parodies and drama collection

Issue #4 of the QSM Magazine is Out!

  This issue brings you rib-tickling stories on awe-inspiring subjects such as doorbells, “No”ing parents, President Obama’s Guru ji, cats, dogs, zombies, Sherlock Holmes, etc. This issue also unveils an openly mysterious language spoken across India, and identifies the real culprit behind climate change. But that isn’t all. This issue of the QSM Magazine goes […]